FarmForAfrica signifies a commitment towards the upliftment of people, nations and the continent of Africa.

We believe in the long-term investment into a new generation of local commercial farmers. If we can establish a new generation farmers, with the appropriate infrastructure, markets and support, they will trigger a multiplication effect as one generation fathers the next.

Focused to provide in the needs of local agriculture, a project will benefit the agricultural sector of the whole region and have definite national off-spins.


It is not a social support initiative where provisions and money ends in a bottomless well, but it is a development model, where skills are transferred from experienced people to local individuals on a one-to-one basis.

FarmForAfrica consists of a broad spectrum of experience with excellent combined expertise in all aspects of the different applications of agricultural engineering. We believe in the principle of relationship synergy, and have structured all partnerships on the foundation of trust and an understanding of the unique contribution of each member towards the successful achievement of objectives.

FarmForAfrica has accumulated a database of skilled farmers, many of whom have left agriculture because of political and social reasons in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe. These farmers have become available to the rest of Africa and are eager to seize the opportunity.

Under the FarmForAfrica model participating farmers undergo weeks long training where they are equipped with skills to effectively mentor prospective farmers. They are assisted to, on an emotional level, work through their historical wounds and understand the role they can play in Africa.

This model, backed by the experience seated in FarmForAfrica, addresses the critical factors necessary for success that were identified in our study of various failed agricultural and community projects in Africa.