Small Livestock SADe-centre

The Center focuses on sheep and goats, offering opportunity for participation by a larger number of small commercial farmers to be successful within the confines of their often smaller pieces of land and minimum infrastructure.

The model centralizes the critical aspect of small livestock farming in to a “SADe-Center”  outsourcing the less critical aspects to surrounding small commercial farmers within a closely monitored mentorship and accountability program.

The SADe-Center is an independent small livestock farm using the newest technology and is designed on 11 years of successful implementations of the MAMRE model.  The Center will eventually have 16000 ewes not counting those of the surrounding rural farmers.

Apart from the commercial agricultural approach, the SATe-Center model is designed to help with the agricultural transformation of a region by offering training, support, quality genetics, feed, packing facilities, logistics and a market.

Local farmers are established and supported through a well designed skills development and empowerment program using the success of the Center as bases of development. The design do not compromise the sustainability of the Center, but allows it to grow in accordance with the number of farmers it supports.

By controlling the essential elements of the model, the SATe-Center ensures both the quality and quantity of livestock delivered to the market.

Financial & Impact Information

The planned impact in the community is:

  • 16000 ewes in center
  • 45 permanent jobs
  • 35 temporary jobs
  • 110+ local farmers
  • 36 000 lambs per year
  • R43 000 000 annual turnover.
  • R31 000 000 annual expenditure into area
  • Setup Cost: R 21 000 000

The infrastructure will include:

  • Commercial farm of an initial 1000h that will be expand to 2500h.
  • Camp system
  • Genetic improvement center
  • Livestock hospital and quarantine camp
  • Handling facilities
  • Lambing pen facilities
  • Silage plant and production equipment
  • Logistical equipment
  • Office facility
  • Accommodation
  • Training centre

The following are partners in the SATe-Centre.

  • Ndebele Land Development Holdings
  • Local Chief and Royal council – They are the custodian of the land and enjoys the support of the project to help them accomplish their goals for agricultural development in the area.
  • MyPeople NPC – This non-profit company allows us to financial support that would otherwise not be possible.
  • Umbrella Community Cooperative – This body represents the interest of the community and local farmers and holds the most shares in the project.
  • Strategic Partner- Mufasa Investment represents a group of companies that offers support and investment into the project.
  • Strategic Partner- Dr. Karin en Manie Wessels – Mamre Intensive Sheep farming. Consultants and designers of the project.