Board Members

Through relationships, established over a period of time, the company has managed to acquired a diverse network of skills and experience in all aspects of agriculture and community development. Many of these relationships are seated in a variety of partnership and contractor agreements.These motivated people are hand-picked because of their passion for agriculture and desire to see communities transformed through it.

Board of Experts

Livestock and Crops

Stephan Botha (FarmForAfrica Trustee)
Commercial Farmer – Stephan is a commercial farmer with 15 years of experience in cattle and sheep. He was the founding chairman of the Senepol Breeders Assosiation of South Africa. In 2009 he initiated the FarmForAfrica project in Tete – Mozambique.

Riaan Rauch (FarmForAfrica Trustee)
Commercial Farmer – Riaan is a commercial Marino sheep farmer in the Free State with 20years of experience in various aspect of the production of irrigated feed like lusern and maize.

Jacobus van der Merwe
Commercial Farmer in Mozambique – Jacobus van der Merwe is currently residing in Mozambique and has an MSc degree in Plant Physiology. He specialized in organic production while he was a director at the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa. Jacobus was the production manager of “Companhia do Vanduzi”, one of the largest vegetable producers in Africa.


David Kleyn
Resource Auditor for the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), Directorate Land, Directorate Land Use and Soil Management (LUSM)David has for the last 27 years in the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.His focus has been the protection of wetlands. He is serving on the various Water Research Commission research projects as steering member. David is a commercial maize farmers and proudly breeds Nguni cattle.

Research and Development

Ferdi Labuschagne
Managing Director of Sapling Carbon Fertilizers – Ferdi is the Managing Director of the above Company selling carbon based fertilizers into the commercial market. Qualifications: Agri Dip, MBA, Ph.D. Thesis was about the role of carbon as a plant nutrient and how to apply water and fertilizer so that we can maximize the usage of both these elements in the soil by applying certain practices and irrigation scheduling. Developed a technique to activate carbon via a pyrolysis process so that it can be used in fertilizer to increase the carbon content in our soils.

Monitoring and Instrumentation

Vic Kruger
Managing Director of SM Enviro – SM Enviro is a supply company, specializing in environmental monitoring instrumentation, systems and electrical equipment.


John MacRobert, PhD
Managing Director – Quality Seeds CC is a supplier of quality-assured seed of the best available Quality Protein Maize, Speciality Maize and Normal Maize Varieties for farmers in specific farming contexts producing maize for particular markets.


Gerhard Kotzee
Division head for Infrastructure with Dawn LimitedDPI PlasticsIncledon – Gerhard coordinates the procurement of products available within the Dawn Group of companies which includes agricultural irrigation products. He can advise on product manufacturing and new factories if a consistent need is identified.


Tom Gouws
Managing Director of Foundation Publication – Prof. Tom Gouws is well known for his expertise on all levels of education and is recognized as such by institutions of higher learning where he served as external examiner and moderator for various universities and colleges. He served as acting Vice-chancellor and Rector of the University of North-West(South Africa) and Chancellor of Graduate Academy of South Africa.

Trade and Marketing

Kalla Renaults
Managing Director of Pharos Consulting – With extensive knowledge of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX), Pharos consulting also focus on the international marketing of agricultural products, international market analysis and interpretation, market forecasting and subsequent production planning.

Financial Services

Hentus Honiball
Partner with PwC – Hentus is a qualified Industrial Engineer with twenty years of professional experience. He specialises in Enterprise Architecture within the financial services industry, manufacturing and fast moving consumer goods industries.

Standards and Procedures

Listelle Scheepers
Private Consultant – Listelle is responsible for design, development, administration and implementation of suitable project quality management system in line with prescribed standards. Experienced consultant to Eskom since September 1997.  Initially involved in Document Management, later on administration, design, development and implementation of Quality Management Systems, as well as internal auditing.

Community Health and Nutrition

Dr. Anton Janse van Rensburg
Managing Director of The Source – Dr Anton is a medical doctor who has devoted himself to the study of unique, scientifically-sound solutions to modern diseases. He is also a metal toxicologist and is currently completing a master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition. He has a management diploma through the Manchester School of Business and has diverse experience in both the clinical and business aspects of healthcare.

Izak van der Merwe
Project leader for Renewable energy – Izak van der Merwe is an Industrial Engineer graduate from the University of Pretoria. He is involved in projects in the following fields: bio-energy, renewable energy, communications, infrastructure developments and banking systems. Izak’s professional career involved both consulting and practical application.