Kambinde-New Projects


We have done all the research and planning to start a Moringa empowerment project, where we will export Moringa oil, dries leaves and seeds. This project will focus on local women nurturing their own plantation with a central processing facility.

The project can see large number of households owning trees and breaking our off poverty.


We have launched a business plan with the local governor’s office to start a commercial vegetables farm and processing facility, that will not only create employment, but paves the way to establish local network of out growers.

The principles can be viewed under the SATe-Center page. What starts small can grow into a commercial production unit, that will transform the region.


On request of the local government, we have submitted a commercial honey with the governor’s office. This project will see families begin empowered by owning beehives supported by a central processing and marketing center.

If we can find a partnership, we can launch this project immediately and avoid the continued detail working with government.

We need help to get these project from the ground. Please email Christo for any inquiries.