Kambinde – Clothing Project

The level of poverty can clearly be seen in the clothing of especially the children. A single shirt that is torn, washed-away and not properly covering their bodies.

We started an initiative where people in South Africa would collect clothing for the people. The clothing is transported to the site when the opportunity presents itself. Once we have accumulated a large enough volume of clothing, we would spread the word that people who needs clothing in the community, to assemble on a specific date at the project facilities.

The turn-out surprises us every time. People are arranged in a long single line. Women with babies enjoy preference, followed by girls, then the boys and lastly the men.The clothes are spread across the lawns, grouped in sizes. Each person is allowed one clothing item, and this is repeated until all the cloths is taken. We pre-screen the clothing, because we do not allow anything that might further humiliate an individual.

We can tell you endless stories of joy and gratefulness for things we in our “civilized” mindset no longer take note of, but to them become their pride to wear.

We are continually looking for clothing.

We have a collection point in Pretoria – Please call 074 123 7571 for details