SADe-Centre Model

Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Centre is an independent commercial agricultural business that is exclusively focused on the agricultural transformation of a geographical area by using its infrastructure and 

profits to sustain centralized training, skills development, administration, agri-processing and other needed agricultural services in support of rural farmers and secondary agri-businesses

Under this model, community agricultural development becomes an extension of an already economic sustainable business offering participants a much better change of success.

Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Centre is abbreviated to SATe-Centre. The “sate” is an English word that means ‘to fulfill in the needs of somebody’. This expresses the heart of the centers. The significance of the “e” in SATe-Centre, is in reference to the 4th industrial revolution and the critical role that technology plays in it.

The production capacity of a center  determines its impact both in the numbers of farmers it can support and the size of the geographical area it can service.

Basic Principles


  • ·         The primary objective of the Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Centre (SATe Centre) is the development of a new generation small-commercial to full-commercial farmers within the local communities
  • ·         The project must make provision for the beneficiation of the larger community that might not be directly involved in the agricultural activities
  • ·         The Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Centre (SATe Centre) is an independent agricultural business managed by agricultural specialists appointed by FarmForAfrica Trust. This is a 10-year management agreement. It could be centralized around a commercial farm, storage facilities, processing facilities or a combination of both
  • ·         A preferred 80% of the profits of the Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Centre is used in the development of surrounding communities. This allows for continued financial assistance to train, manage, assist and support local emerging farmers until they are ready to produce independently.
  • ·         The development of the community is always in line with the ability of the centre to offer management, training, support, logistics, inputs and markets to the local emerging farmers in the specific agricultural activities. Success breeds success
  • ·         Participating members are required to enrol in a self-development program that is aimed at raising a new generation of commercial farmers. The program addresses agricultural knowledge, personal development, soft skills development and basic DIY. This development program is largely paid by the Rural Agricultural Development Centre.