Free-Range Pig Research Project

The Koppies Free-range pig farm is a FarmForAfrica initiative and part of our philosophy to return to a complete natural way of food production.
When we say free-range, we mean the pigs are really free to roam in large, tree shaded, electrified camps. It is exciting to see that pigs are quickly guided by their herd instinct to be a family.
Apart from being hormone and anti-biotic free, free-range pork just tastes better. The free movement and exercise they get from rooting in the grass, causes a distribution of fat through-out the muscles. This distribution of fat makes a world’s difference in the taste. We can tell you about it, but the proof is in the braai.
Our pigs are never caged, not even when they are farrowing. Piglets are born in soft grass beds patiently re-constructed by the mother.
Ou There they will bond with the mother and only after 3 days will she introduce them to the herd. From there-on the nurturing of the young becomes the responsibility of all lactating sows. What a site to see 20 piglets trying to drink from any willing lactating sow.
Once the project has achieved our agreed commercial goals, we will duplicate our model in other area as part of our land reform and agricultural development program. We see free-range piggery as the answer to many financial struggling farms and a tool to accelerate the success of emerging farmers.