Now available in South Africa!

Till recently we only offered people the opportunity to own a cow in a commercial herd outside of the town of Tete in Mozambique, but we have started a the roll-out in South Africa.

Why do we do it?

Everything we do as the FarmForAfrica Group is driven by our passion for people and agriculture and then do we turn it into an economic sustainable business. Own-a-cow is just that, using livestock to empower people, meaningfully contributing to wards sustainable land reform and saving economically struggling commercial farmers.

South Africa does not have a shortage of grazing, the issue is quality livestock and a sustainable grazing management program.

Together with very successful commercial livestock farmers we developed a grazing methodology that is implemented at all the projects we have involvement in, but the real challenge is to find the large number of livestock needed to really make an economic difference in the country.

This is where YOU come in.

The changes are good that you are one of the thousands of people that has this inner desire to be a farmer. You might not want your hands dirty or walk in the hot sun, but something about owning livestock seems exciting.

Own-a-Cow is just that to many people. You physically own a cow, certificate and all. You can give her a name, receive photos and updates on her progress, follow her on google maps and be the first to know when she is ‘pregnant’. The program is not just about making money, it is a matter of “where your cow is, will your heart be also”.


Where do we herd the livestock?

Own-a-Cow is continually identifying and establishing new herds in South Africa where our team of experts oversee and develop the management to meet our in-house standards.

How do we manage the livestock?

We have our own in-house livestock management software that provides us with almost real-time data on each animal. From this system the individual owners are updated.

On the ground we have herd and grazing monitoring procedures that is driven by our own agricultural team.

How does the ownership work?

  • We are continually updating the site with images of available livestock.
  • You select the cow you want and buy it through our secure online payment application.
  • Once the payment is cleared by our finance department, the animal is tagged, branded and you will receive a certificate of ownership by email.
  • From hereon we will farm the animal for you, sending you regular information and images.
  • The animal generates an income through the sale of her off-spring.
  • You will benefit from the profit.

The full details are given in the agreement you will be required to sign.

We have sold all our current stock. New stock will be loaded soon.