Consumer Education

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In partnership with Santam, we have developed a Consumer Education Program focused on the unskilled market. Though the program is generic in its approach to the basics of business, we have build into it a component of agriculture.

‘Section A’ is a 5 day exposure to basic business understanding. The knowledge from Section A will be enhanced in ‘Section B’, over a period of 3 days, in various agricultural simulations directly related to the specific group of trainees.

An additional 2 days allows us to give the trainees exposure to productive commercial farms within the network of FarmForAfrica, where they get practical experience on various principles taught through-out the previous 8 days.

The length of the program can change depending on the preference and literacy level of the trainees. Each trainee is provided with a color printed reference manual they can use afterwards. Below is some extracts from the manual.


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