Water Research

FarmForAfrica has launched a research and development division on the 1st of June 2013. This division is focused on uncovering alternative environmental friendly agricultural production methods.

An out-of-the-box approaches to finding natural solutions to the many costly and damaging methods currently used in agriculture.

Too many farmers, the used of harmful methods and applications are not a matter of choice, but the cause of the lack of an alternative solution or the scientifically prove that an alternative method can be economically viable. The greater majority of commercial and smaller farmers have lost their as

piration to live within their creative right to freedom, and became engulfed by a wave of alternative motivated opinions.

So often, when we confront farmers with an alternative, we have to here a comment like:

“I didn’t know this!”  or  “Are you sure this will work?”

 We understand the reluctance to change and that in the current economical environment one bad decision could be devastating, but we also recognize that changes are inevitable if we want to service the challenges of the new few years.

So the quest in the research and development division of FarmForAfrica is to provide farmers with knowledge, scientific prove and alternative options to equip those brave enough to embrace positive changes.

FarmForAfrica have joint hands with specialist companies to ensure that all research and subsequent development will be of scientifically notable standards.

“SM Enviro is a supply company, specialising in environmental monitoring instrumentation, systems and electrical equipment. In addition we are also distributors for a range of instrumentation and automatic sampling equipment.” “To supply solutions for agricultural development and sustainability. To be the world leader in the art of sustainable fertilizer and irrigation innovations”

We are in the process of concluding a partnership with an established research body in South Africa. Details will be released on conclusion.


  • Discovery environmental friendly and economically viable alternative agricultural methods.
  • Scientifically researching such alternative methods.

Provide training within these alternative methods.

Research Program

Initially FarmForAfrica will commence the research in two main streams namely:

    • Crops: The improvement of the ‘quality of water’ for irrigation purposes within agriculture.
    • Livestock: A natural alternative to the prevention and treatment of bacterial infection in livestock.
    • Various results and images will continually be posted on the website as they are approved and released by the board of trustees.