Agriculture Team

Stephan Botha (Director/ Trustee)
Stephan is a commercial farmer with 15 years of experience in cattle and sheep. He was the founding chairman of the Senepol Breeders Assosiation of South Africa. In 2009 he initiated the FarmForAfrica project in Tete – Mozambique.

Hennie Loubser (B Agric)
Company: Hennie Loubser Trust
Primary: Milk Goats, MIlk Goat Factory
Secondary: Cattle, Sheep, Maize, Irrigation
Years Experience: 20
Other: Hennie has been involved in the cross-breeding of goats to maximize both milk and meat production.

Nadia Loubser (B Agric – Dairy Science)
Company: Hennie Loubser Trust
Primary: Goat and Dairy Products
Secondary: Broilers
Years Experience: 30
Other: Nadia is currently offering training in the manufacturing of cheese and other dairy related products

Jan Rheeders (Bing Civil Eng)
Company: Rheeder Boerdery
Primary: Vegetables, Packing & Distrabution, Grapes, Oranges
Secondary: Game Farm, Hunting, Exotic Game
Years Experience: 26
Other: Jan is a founding member of Rheeder Boerdery and the current CEO.

Johan Kritzinger (Bing Agri Eng)
Company: Groendal Boerdery
Primary: Soft fruit, Honey Bush tea
Secondary: Soft fruit packhouse and exports
Years Experience: 22
Other: Johan and Rina farms in partnership with the workers who is shareholders in the farm through a community trust.

Gavin Aveling CA(SA)
Company: Wynberg Boerdery
Primary: Maize,Soybeans, Cattle,Sheep
Secondary: Registered Auditor
Years Experience: 7
Other: Gavin’s financial background gives him an advantage when it comes to understanding the business side of farming.

PW Loggenberg
Primary: Seed Maize, Soybeans, Sunflowers
Secondary: Cattle, Sheet, Wool, Feed
Years Experience: 25
Other: PW has been experimenting with various natural ways of improving marginal soil and finding the appropriate cultivar to compliment the soil.

Bernard Richter (N Dip Agri-Management)
Company: Multigreen Pty. LTD
Primary: Maize, Wheat, Sunflower, Lucerne, Potatoes
Secondary: Fertilization Consultant
Years Experience: 15
Other: Bernard is the CEO of Multi Green and a specialist in fertilization.

Andries Stander (Agri-Dip Horticulture)
Company: MPH Stander & Sons
Primary: Soft Fruit & Packaging
Secondary: Cattle, Sheep, Pork, Lucerne,Potatoes, Grapes
Years Experience: 27
Other: For the last 12 years Andries has been consulting in the establishing of small to medium business.

Phillip Snyman (Mech Eng)
Company: Highway Gardens
Primary: Vegetables, Maize
Secondary: Community Processing
Years Experience: 4
Other: Phillip has been involved with community development at root level. Through many trials he has managed to assist a community in Shoshanguve to become economic sustainable.

Riaan Botha
Company: Deelput Boerdery Trust
Primary: Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Pork, Eggs
Secondary: Maize
Years Experience: 20
Other: To add value to his current farming activities, Riaan has started a meat processing, packaging and distribution business.

Pieter Lund (B Agric)
Primary: Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Dairy
Secondary: Business Owner
Years Experience: 13
Other: Apart from Pieter’s love for agriculture and the focus on restoration of the field through the implementation of a specialized grazing program, he is also the owner of a manufacturing company in Volksrust.