Agriculture Team

Hennie Loubser (B Agric)
Company: Hennie Loubser Trust
Primary: Milk Goats, MIlk Goat Factory
Secondary: Cattle, Sheep, Maize, Irrigation
Years Experience: 20
Other: Hennie has been involved in the cross-breeding of goats to maximize both milk and meat production.

Nadia Loubser (B Agric – Dairy Science)
Company: Hennie Loubser Trust
Primary: Goat and Dairy Products
Secondary: Broilers
Years Experience: 30
Other: Nadia is currently offering training in the manufacturing of cheese and other dairy related products

Jan Rheeders (Bing Civil Eng)
Company: Rheeder Boerdery
Primary: Vegetables, Packing & Distrabution, Grapes, Oranges
Secondary: Game Farm, Hunting, Exotic Game
Years Experience: 26
Other: Jan is a founding member of Rheeder Boerdery and the current CEO.

Johan Kritzinger (Bing Agri Eng)
Company: Groendal Boerdery
Primary: Soft fruit, Honey Bush tea
Secondary: Soft fruit packhouse and exports
Years Experience: 22
Other: Johan and Rina farms in partnership with the workers who is shareholders in the farm through a community trust.

PW Loggenberg
Primary: Seed Maize, Soybeans, Sunflowers
Secondary: Cattle, Sheet, Wool, Feed
Years Experience: 25
Other: PW has been experimenting with various natural ways of improving marginal soil and finding the appropriate cultivar to compliment the soil.

Bernard Richter (N Dip Agri-Management)
Company: Multigreen Pty. LTD
Primary: Maize, Wheat, Sunflower, Lucerne, Potatoes
Secondary: Fertilization Consultant
Years Experience: 15
Other: Bernard is the CEO of Multi Green and a specialist in fertilization.

Andries Stander (Agri-Dip Horticulture)
Company: MPH Stander & Sons
Primary: Soft Fruit & Packaging
Secondary: Cattle, Sheep, Pork, Lucerne,Potatoes, Grapes
Years Experience: 27
Other: For the last 12 years Andries has been consulting in the establishing of small to medium business.

Phillip Snyman (Mech Eng)
Company: Highway Gardens
Primary: Vegetables, Maize
Secondary: Community Processing
Years Experience: 4
Other: Phillip has been involved with community development at root level. Through many trials he has managed to assist a community in Shoshanguve to become economic sustainable.

Riaan Botha
Company: Deelput Boerdery Trust
Primary: Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Pork, Eggs
Secondary: Maize
Years Experience: 20
Other: To add value to his current farming activities, Riaan has started a meat processing, packaging and distribution business.

Pieter Lund (B Agric)
Primary: Cattle, Sheep, Wool, Dairy
Secondary: Business Owner
Years Experience: 13
Other: Apart from Pieter’s love for agriculture and the focus on restoration of the field through the implementation of a specialized grazing program, he is also the owner of a manufacturing company in Volksrust.