Health Overview

Adequate, accessible and effective healthcare remains a challenge on the African continent. The reasons for this are numerous, but new technologies and concepts exist that could contribute to dealing with these challenges. Farm for Africa (FFA) endeavours to be a role-player in this space. Through the proposed establishment of the AGRIHUB Model in several African countries, FFA will be ideally positioned to address some of the health systems shortcomings that may be encountered. This will be done in collaboration with existing public health structures, along with community members and various role-players.

To achieve the abovementioned goals the Farm for Africa Healthcare team fully subscribes to the Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC)1 concept. COPC is the provision of equitable and comprehensive health care based on community needs established by means of thorough local health and institutional analysis. Health care services are thus person-centred and integrated around the users. This comprehensive health care includes health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliation that is scientifically informed and interdisciplinary as well as multiprofessional. Community partnerships are core to the implementation of comprehensive health care in any community setting.

1.       Marcus TS. Community Oriented Primary Care. Cape Town: Pearson Education; 2013.