Technical Overview

This business unit will be deploying technology, engineering and research and development, on the following areas:

  • Enhancing food and nutritional security:
    • Food security and sustainable agriculture taking account of community-based and indigenous approaches to sustainable food production
  • Providing a conducive environment for agricultural production and economic returns
    • Enhancing agricultural productivity and farmer’s incomes
    • Diversification of agricultural production systems
    • Infrastructure development to enhance distribution to markets
  • Reducing poverty through rural development
    • Integrating rural development strategies into Poverty Reduction Strategies or other economic/development strategies and the empowerment of local rural communities
    • Supporting main driving forces for economic growth and social development in rural areas (e.g. agriculture, small and medium enterprise development, employment and other non-agricultural sector) as well as
    • improving access to basic services and infrastructure in rural areas (e.g. adequate shelter, education, employment opportunities, health, sanitation, energy);
  • Reducing the environmental impact of agricultural production
    • Initiatives to improve soil fertility, environmentally sound agricultural pest control and improvements in water management in agriculture
  • Improving access to international and national agricultural markets
    • Regional and multilateral agreements relating to liberalisation of agricultural product markets